Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if you can build on my land?

We offer our customers a free home site evaluation. If you own a piece of land or are trying to decide if you should make an offer to purchase, we will come out and  evaluate your property to make sure the home you are thinking about can be built on that property. Let our experts help you make the right decisions!

What if I don’t have land?
Most of our customers don’t have land when they first come to us. We have numerous resources to help you.  We can aid you in getting started on your search based on the location of where you would like to live, and whether you would like to live in a neighborhood or in the quiet countryside.

Can I finance land in my construction loan?
Yes, you can finance your land and your new home into one construction loan. You can also combine these if you own your land but still have a balance. The balance owed will be added into your construction loan. This will prevent you from having two separate closings and will also save you money on closing costs.

Can I build a new home when I have an existing home to sell?
Yes, most financial institutions offer different loans that allow you to begin construction on a new home while selling your previous home.

What type and size of homes do you build?
We build homes of all sizes that are customized to our customer’s specifications. We have built homes that range from 1,200 -15, 000 square feet.

Where do you build?
Currently, we build in the West Georgia area.

Can I make changes to the plan?
Yes! You can make changes to your plans at any time.

What are the additional building costs?
A lot of that depends on where you are building. Each county, township or borough has their own fees and permit charges. Septic systems are more expensive than hooking up to a city sewer system. We can help you calculate those costs.

How do we communicate during construction?
We will assign a Project Manager that will regularly communicate with you throughout the home-building process. However, please know that everyone in our company, from the owners down, will always be available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. We believe that building your home is a team process.

How do I find out how much my new home will cost?
If you have your own plans, we are more than happy to go over them and provide pricing for you. If you do not already have plans, we can provide you with plans that can help you meet the budget you would like to be in. Contact us for more info.

How do I find out how much various options are?
We would be more than happy to send you a list to help you decide what choices are best for you and your home.

How do I take care of the site work and utilities?
We can handle all of the site work, and we can also assist you in setting up most of the utilities.

How long will it take to build my home?
It typically takes about 6 months to build a house.

Will you build from my plans?
Yes, we will.

Do I have to own my land before I sign a contract?
W.T. Collins Homes understands that some homeowners choose to combine the loan to buy their land into their construction loan. While you do not have to own your land before signing a contract, we would need to know the exact location of where you are planning to build.

Contact us today for more information and to start building your home!