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Ready to Assemble Pavilion Kits

We offer a variety of sizes of DIY Timber Frame Pavilion Kits


Purchasing Process

Select A Kit & Choose Your Options

Start by choosing the size that works best for your space. Then select any upgrades, such as length extensions or beam size. And finally click pay.

Once we receive a deposit, we’ll set a target deadline to ship you your kit.

Interested in one of our kits but thinking that you may need something more custom?

Order Confirmation & Roof Choice 

After we receive the notification of your purchase, we will immediately begin putting your kit together.

Then you will receive an email with a form to select your roof material and color preference.

Once we receive that back, we’ll set a target deadline to ship you your kit.

Delivery of your Timber Kit

After such a simple purchasing process, we're not about to complicate the final step.

We will verify the best space on your property to place your kit bundle.

Your pavilion kit will be delivered in a timely and professional manner. And you are all set to start your diy project.

How to Assmeble

Make sure you have all of your supplies

Always take inventory before you start a project. It's much faster to complete something if you don't have to stop and find a tool or snack you need throughout the process.

01 setposts1.png


Set the posts

The first step is to decide if you want to install the DIY Pavilion Kit to the ground through footers or to lay a slab foundation, if you aren't attaching it to an already established surface such as a porch, driveway pad, or dock.

Follow directions to set the posts and make sure they are square.

And screw in braces to keep the posts level and secure till the beams and trusses are up.

02 setposts.png
03 setposts2.png

Set the beams

Next, lift the beams onto the posts facing the direction that you want the trusses to show.

Make sure they are even with one foot on each side.


04 setbeams.png
05 settruss1.png

Set the first Truss

Instructions coming soon...


Set the first Ridge Beam

Instructions coming soon...


06 settruss2.png
07 settruss3.png

Set the rest of the Trusses

Instructions coming soon...


Set the Braces

Instructions coming soon...


08 setbraces.png
09 setendthings.png

Set the Barge Rafters

Instructions coming soon...


Set the Roof Boards

Instructions coming soon...


10 setroofboards1.png
11 setroofboards2.png
12 setrooffelt.png
13 setroof1.png
14 setroof2.png

Install the Roof Material

Instructions coming soon...



You have completed your Pavilion Kit.

Now all you need to do is park, rest, or party under it.


Building dreams one kit at a time


With available options and additional upgrades, you can make your outdoor space come to life. See how versatile the Timber Kit can be:

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